Stay Tonight

Stay tonight,

Cause the pain inside my soul has become
Like an endless storm crying fire and acid tears
That burns the dust and my dieing memories, and
My throat is trying to contain the thunder that
Whispers inside

Stay tonight

Cause the cold inside my heart is as intense
As the sun fire itself, extending its arms of
Fire through the mortal darkness of the universe,
Cause not even the fire falling from the
Sky can warm my skin

Stay tonight

Cause I can’t breath when you are far away
From this forgotten land, cause I feel the
Darkness running into my veins killing the
Fire that feeds my heart, turning in venom
All my words, all my tears,

Stay tonight

Cause in this extinct land with no paths, with
No life, the light it self dies like a bird with tied
Wings and no stars to follow in the night, because
You leave, because a feel that I’m loosing you,
because your eyes can’t see what my throat can’t yell

Stay tonight

Cause I need to bite the warmth of your skin, to feeds
A heart that is frozen and poisoned as this
Land that has forgot what I to give life and feel the sun
Dressing everything with bright colors, cause I need
To feel you into my arms, leaned over my chest,

Stay tonight

Cause I need to show you how to look into the dark lakes
Of my eyes and to ear the unspoken silence that
Scapes from my lips, lie on my bed and let my body
Breath yours and feels what is to be alive once more,
Let me free your heart and your mind,

Stay tonight

Cause this pain is as deep as the dark in this universe
That looses its light when you walk away from me
Stay tonight, because is so painful to say
How much I love you, that I can only show you, with
My touch, with the forgotten light of my eyes,

Stay tonight

And let my hands talk to your soul and free your
Heart to a different dimension, where the chains
Around my voice means nothing and you can hear
What I keep in silence, let me take you where
The dreams reborn

Before my voice turns in stone, before my time next
To you comes to the end and I have to leave forever,
Before I die among dark shadows and my tears burn
In fire this planet and make it become a black sun.


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