Now you demand me the reason

Now my wounds are crying that you leave me,
you completely forgot about me, in just a second,
just because somebody else told you my words I
used to say to you
that I wrote down to make you feel better.

You forgot about me because somebody else touched you
like I did, where did you keep all my time I spent takeing
care about you, giving you my secret words, my wisperin in you
hears by a phone call.

And now you want to come to me and demand me the
reason that I have to abandoned you?!
and where did you leave all the time I spent protecting
you, protecting your heart?

where he was? when you needed a warm touch, a tender
word wispered your hears, where he was? when I almost
died to make you feel my arms around you
to make you feel protected and loved

Where he was, when I was protecting every step you make,
every step you did, when I saw every tear your eyes cried?
when I bleed fighting againist the demons around you.

Where did you leave all my time? all the tears i let down with
you when I taught you to open your eyes to see under
the mask of everybody, and just a coincidence, just a single
coincidence was enough to you to forget about me.

Because I didn’t believe it when the heavenly father wispers
to my mind I told me that I have to swallow my pride and run
by your side, and talk to you, and show you in facts what my
lips can’t screem.

and now you demand me the reason i don’t talk to you anymore?!
and now you demand me because I want to hide my wound from your
eyes and forget about you forever?

It was you, whom forgot about me in the firs place!
you forgot all the time I spent comforting you soul, your heart,
and protecting you from everything you can’t see,

It was you whom forgot about me in the first place,
just because he told you all my words, all I said to you
and you never wanted to listen, just because
he is from a distant land, and I from another world

where he was when you needed somebody to talk to
to cry and someone listen to you?
where he was when I was the one who swallow all your
pain where he was, when I fought demons to
you to be secure?

But I understand I am a coursed man, I am a comdemned
to pain and to be forgotten
to love and never be love back.


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