I am nothing but darkness

De Digital Art

I am nothing but darkness my love,
and I suffering the consequences
Of my acts, for my decisions,
I know that is the reason that
Today I am loosing your love
After all my time, my care for
You and mi power spent
To protect you

Once I was light, there was light
In my veins, there was light dressing
My skin, then there was a battle
An impossible battle, I did survive,
But I was infected, there was pain,
And hate, there was vengeance in
My eyes, and I couldn’t forgive,

Now I am darkness, the devil himself
Hates me because he knows that is in my
Hand the only sword that can wound
His skin, once I wanted to die, once
I tried to kill my self, and now, death
Is forbidden to me,

I am nothing but darkness my love,
Nothing but darkness, and even when
I was the only one by your side in your
Dark hours, in your most painful moments,
It is another man who will have your
Love, your touch, and your eyes awakening
In the morning, because I am nothing
But darkness and evil is running into my

I can’t say that I will cry because you
Leave me abandoned in this deserted world
Because I can’t remember how to cry, I can’t
Promise you that I will protecting you all the way
To your new life, cause my wings was ripped away
From my back, it was myself that tooked
Away from me, to give them to a woman that
Never loved me back, she was not even a
Friend for me,

I am nothing but darkness my love, and even
When I knew my fate, and knew that I could have
Your love in my arms, I was willing to give you all
The love I had and that is rotten by the loneliness
And the hate, because is all that I have, And even when
I knew that I will died to the end, I had to
Tried to be there for you, and died alone in the dark
With blood tears falling out from my face
Because I am nothing but darkness my love,
Nothing but darkness,

One Response to “I am nothing but darkness”
  1. gocho123 dice:

    ¿Dónde está el hermoso cadáver? Mi corazón necrófilo lo busca


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