I let you go

Yesterday a let you go, I know,
my mistake, I knew it was
for you, cause I was no
good for you, I was pain and
poison, I was acid tears

I wasn´t who you really need
from me, so I broke my own heart
and let you go, I hoped you find
a better man, didn´t realize that
I was the only man for you

You finally got over me and
find pace of heart, and I am here
with a wounded heart, by my self,
I don´t understand, I let you go
cause I never loved you

I never have the time or the courage
to love you, why am I now with a bleeding
heart if I never loved you,
if a let you go so you can´t see me
fall into the abyss

One Response to “I let you go”
  1. Miguel Cano dice:

    I loved you but it was so long ago
    that I have forgotten the flavor
    of your lips, now I really know
    I could be less than a neighbour


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